tiffany e co The History of the WWE PPV SummerSlam

The History of the WWE PPV SummerSlam,tiffany

SummerSlam has been the annual end of summer WWE PPV event ever since debuting in 1988,verde tiffany. This show is generally regarded as the second most important event of the year next to WrestleMania,tiffany gioielli.

1 SummerSlam 92: This was the first WWE PPV held outdoors and the first to take place outside of North America. The main event was a match for the Intercontinental Championship which saw the British Bulldog win the title from his brother in law,tiffany outlet italia, Bret Hart. That match won the Pro Wrestling Illustrated match of the year award.

2 SummerSlam 02: The Nassau Coliseum crowd was into this card which featured incredible action from start to finish. The card saw the WWE PPV debut of Rey Mysterio,tiffany outlet italia, the return of Shawn Michaels after a five year hiatus,tiffany, and the crowning of Brock Lesnar as the then youngest WWE champion.

3 SummerSlam 91: Amazingly,tiffany bracciali, the main event of this card was not a wrestling match. The show ended with the wedding of the Man and the late Miss Elizabeth. The card featured several memorable moments including Bret Hart first WWE singles title victory,tiffany bracciali, the WWE PPV debut of Sid,tiffany gioielli, and the Mountie spending a night in a NYC jail.

1 SummerSlam 93: The Lex Express bus tour came to a screeching halt after his over Yokozuna. Thankfully,tiffany outlet italia, the match between The Undertaker and Giant Gonzalez was the last time WWE fans got to see these men in the ring together.

2 SummerSlam 95: The main event of this show was King Mabel vs,tiffany outlet italia. Diesel,tiffany milano. I don’t need to say anymore,tiffany milano.

3 SummerSlam 89: The main event featured the debut of Zeus. For those that are unfamiliar with this storyline,tiffany e co, Zeus was the enemy of Rip in the classic movie No Holds Barred. All I can say about the match is that the movie was more entertaining and this movie is one of the few movies left that have not been put onto the DVD format.

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